About Us

The Milford Butcher opened its doors for the first time on a wet and windy day back in June 2002. Nestled between a chocolate shop and a bank, the small yet efficient space had been transformed from a travel agents to a crisp new butcher shop. Behind the counter appeared the friendly face of Andrew Murray, ready to serve the people of Milford (and beyond).

Andrew’s interest in butchering began as a youngster, fresh out of school. He served his apprenticeship with the late Tony Skelly, The Master Butcher at Enterprise Meats in Birkenhead, where his love of butchering was fostered. The next fifteen years saw Andrew in a few of the best butcher shops around Auckland. A stint in his father-in-law Bob Ham’s Ponsonby shop saw Andrew learn the craft of sausage-making, a tradition uncommon in today’s world.

The time then arrived for Andrew to venture into his own business. Always a shore boy, Andrew chose the suburb of Milford, with its mainstreet appeal and great community spirit. Milford means a lot to Andrew – some of his favourite times as a youngster were spent visiting his grandparents who lived in the area.

The Milford Butcher had arrived. And the rest, as they say, is history. The Milford Butcher is an established part of many people’s shopping habits. With their vast knowledge of meat and every-ready advice, Andrew and his colleagues are there to assist you in creating magnificent meals. As Andrew says “Real butchers, real food!”.