Sausages - Our Top Ten Flavours

1. Traditional Beef - 100% beef, the traditional sausage as the name suggests!

2. Old Fashioned Pork - pork sausage with a mild hint of herbs. Our #1 seller

3. Toulouse Pork - 100% pork with garlic, onion, parsley, pepper. Great with pasta

4. Lamb and Mint - 100% lamb sausage, always a favourite with my boys

5. Maltese -lean beef with pepper, onion, capsicum, garlic. A fantastic BBQ sausage

6. Steak and Herb - lean beef, bacon and mixed herbs

7. Sundried Tomato and Basil - flavoursome lean beef sausage

8. Famous Pork and Fennel - the 'skinny' sausage, 100% pork, garlic, parmesan cheese and fennel

9. Breakfast Chippolata - skinny sausages of either pork or beef

10. 100% Lean Beef -100% visibly lean beef mince goes into this sausage

See instore for our full range of flavours!